Current Available kit :
Red Raven 4.5k Dragon (V-Lock IO Expander, USB3.1 MiniMag Station, 1x 120gb MiniMag SSD)
2x 162Wh V-mount batteries + Dual Speed Charger
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8
82mm Genus Eclipse Vari-ND + Lens hood + Step down rings
82mm Tiffen T1 IR Filter
Movi M15
LED Kit (3x YN360 daylight wands, 1x YN360 Bi-color wands)
Tascam DR05 + Audio Technica Lav
Rode VideoMic Pro
16x Calumet aluminium 4x4 frames (42”)
DJ SlyderDolly - 40” Slider
Nikon d3300 - BTS stills cam
Video Tripod + Manfrotto hdv701 head
Smallrig rig components + other carbon fiber rig components
Various Light Stands and Backdrops

Anything not on this list would have the option of being rented on a per project basis
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